Which is true regarding the system of equations? 6x+2y=46 3x+y=23 The system results in a false statement.The system results in an intersection at one point.The system results in parallel lines.The system results in a true statement because they are the same line.

Accepted Solution

Answer:4th Option is correct.Step-by-step explanation:Given: System of equations 6x + 2y = 463x + y = 23From given equation, [tex]a_1=6\:,\:b_1=2\:,:c_1=46\:,\:a_2=3\:,\:b_2=1\:,:c_2=23[/tex]Now,[tex]\frac{a_1}{a_2}=\frac{6}{3}=2[/tex][tex]\frac{b_1}{b_2}=\frac{2}{1}=2[/tex][tex]\frac{c_1}{c_2}=\frac{46}{23}=2[/tex]Clearly from above,[tex]\frac{a_1}{a_2}=\frac{b_1}{b_2}=\frac{c_1}{c_2}=2[/tex]So, Given system of equation represent coincident lines that is they represent same lines.Therefore, 4th Option is correct.