Sara is determining the total cost of her meal. The meal itself costs $9.75, and Sara would like to leave a 15% tip. She uses the expression $9.75 + $9.75(0.15) to determine the total cost. Which expression could Sara use to make the calculation easier? A) $9.75 + 1.15 B) $9.75(0.15) C) $9.75(1.15) Eliminate D) $9.75 + 0.15

Accepted Solution

The right answer is Option C.Step-by-step explanation:Cost of meal = $9.75Cost of meal = 100%Tip = 15%Total = 100+15= 115%Total = [tex]\frac{115}{100}=1.15[/tex]She can multiply this amount with cost of meal to determine the total cost.Total cost = $9.75(1.15)The right answer is Option C.Keywords: cost, percentageLearn more about percentages at:brainly.com/question/3375830brainly.com/question/3398261#LearnwithBrainly