A right rectangular prism has a length of 5 cm, a width of 4 cm, and a height of 3 cm. The dimensions of the prism are doubled. What is the surface area of the enlarged prism?

Accepted Solution

Answer:376 square centimetersStep-by-step explanation:When doubled, the new length is 5*2=10 cm, new width is 4*2=8 cm, and new height is 3*2=6 cm.The surface area of a rectangular prism is given by : [tex]2(lw+wh+lh)[/tex]Where l is length, w is width, and h is heightPlugging in the new values we get:[tex]2(lw+wh+lh)\\=2((10)(8)+(8)(6)+(10)(6))\\=2(80+48+60)\\=2(188)\\=376[/tex]The surface area of the enlarged prism = 376 cm^2