1.Caleb is buying a basketball that regularly costs $30. If the tax rate is 8%, what is the total price of the basketball including tax?

Accepted Solution

Answer: $32.40Step-by-step explanation:We must ADD 8% sales tax to the price of the basket ball. ($30.00)But what is 8% of $30.00?First we must convert 8% to a decimal.To do that we move the existing invisible decimal two places to the left.So in 8% the invisible decimal is here8.0_^If we move it two places to the left then we have. 8^__Always fill in the space(s) with 0..08 Is the same as 8%So what is 8% of $30.00?Well we have to multiply the price of the basketball by the percentage of sales tax.30 Γ— .08 = 2.4Same as: $30.00 Γ— 8% = $2.40$2.40 is 8% of $30.00Last, to find the total price including sales tax, we must ADD the sales tax to the price of the basketball. $30.00 + $2.40 = $32.40Hope this helps!